China – Civilization, Art, Culture, Cuisine & Architecture!

China’s major cities will make any American feel right at home – with their skyscrapers, neon lights, humming subways and American fast food restaurants (anyone care for a latte at the local Starbucks?). However there is still much of China that remains sacrosanct and off limits in their race to the future, and this is exactly that exotic, imperial, oriental and ancient China that we will discover. It’s also rural China and its magnificent natural wonder. And it’s also Old China like the Hutong Village located in the heart of Beijing and a fascinating stroll to The Forbidden City. This is China at a leisurely pace where we will take time to savor its beauty, mystery and its cuisine!

We’ll visit a number of surrealĀ locations such as the fabled Great Wall (Is it actually visible from space? we learn that and more). Also, did you know that Suzhou is known as “The Venice of the East”? This is just one of many way stations along our journey that will broaden our perspectives. The curious mind of a westerner cannot help but be enchanted.

And you’ll never watch evening news from the Far East with the same perspective.


If not for the courage and skills of the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) (the “Flying Tigers”) that from 1941-1942 defended the skies of China against the Japanese Air Force, the course of the WWII would have changed forever.

Today those American heroes are highly honored at memorials and museums within the Peoples Republic of China. We will visit them and learn about their legacy in today’s China.