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The Nation's Leader in Luxury Tours to Europe for Conservatives

Dear Friends,

The timeless beauty of Europe is a must see for all Americans, and we've designed tour events in France, Spain, Italy and Ireland just for people like you: true conservatives. And for 2016 we are also very excited about our excursions to Imperial China, the Holy Land / Israel, a very special European Capital Affair tour you're sure to enjoy aa well as our incredible journey through Vietnam and Ankhor Wat (a President's Choice event).

Each tour is conducted in first class, where you're treated like family by my friends, family and colleagues in Europe; people who love America and aren't afraid to show it!

Whichever of our luxurious tours you choose, one thing's for certain: you’ll cherish your experience in Europe and Asia as much as I have over the last three decades!

Grab your camera and passport! Prepare for beauty, history, splendor and culinary delights to please every palate—and enjoy it all in the company of your fellow conservatives.  Talk to someone you know who's voyaged to Paris, Barcelona, Venice or Provence with Conservative Tours; then you'll understand why Conservative Tours is the nation's leader in luxury tours to Europe (and now China, Israel/Holy Land  and Vietnam as well) for Conservatives.

Bon Voyage,

Ken Chase

Kenneth G. Chase


Conservative Tours Incorporated